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Missing Mom … - 24 Dec 2011

This is my first Christmas without my mom. I miss her, but I’m glad that she is no longer in pain. Last Christmas she was in I.C.U. battling her cancer, and slowly lost the battle over the next 4 months, when she passed away on my our ( I have a twin sister ) birthday. […]

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Pool party! - 04 Jul 2011

We were nominated by our friends to throw a pool party yesterday. I think everyone had a great time, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired! I started cooking on Thursday for all the food we were going to have and spent most of Saturday cleaning the house. Lori spent all Saturday doing […]

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Today has sucked …. - 30 Jun 2011

Today has sucked on a multitude of levels. It’s my mom’s birthday. I miss her. It sucks that I can’t call her, I wish she was still here, but am glad she isn’t suffering anymore. Woke up to sugar ants in my my spice cabinet, and had to throw out about $50-$75 worth of stuff. […]

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Posting again …. - 24 Jun 2011

I’ve been inspired to start using my blog again after reading Twinism’s blog ( written by a girl I went to high school with ). Her blog was hilarious, and it reminded me that it can be fun to blog sometimes, so after today, I’m going to make an effort to start posting here again!

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Site transfer - 07 Dec 2009

Pardon the mess while I clean up after transferring to a new hosting service.  I’ll try to get all my old posts back up on here soon. Just transferred to justhost for hosting, as my host gator account has been hacked 3 times, and I believe the security hole was on their end!

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Cancer really sucks… - 09 Apr 2009

My grandmother passed away in her late thirties due to complications from breast cancer. I never met her, it was before I was born. My mother had breast cancer in her late 30’s, and had a mastectomy, and then went into a full remission. My sister Renee died about 9 years ago, from lung cancer […]

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Update on my mom… - 06 Apr 2009

A few friends asked for an update on my mom… so I thought I’d post it here.  My mom got her latest results from her PET scan last week… two of her tumors ( arm and tail bone ) stayed the same size … but the one in her skull grew slightly… and is pressing […]

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acertaincharm.net - 23 Feb 2009

I’m helping my sister put together a site for her antique shop up in Franklin Indiana .. it’s at http://acertaincharm.net  Nothing too fancy, it isn’t a tech site after all.  If anyone notices any problems with it, please feel free to let me know.

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Odd couple of weeks… - 22 Oct 2008

Well it’s been an odd couple of weeks.  My employer of 10 years is putting the company in a holding pattern for now… since we create tools for the Real Estate industry … it has been hard for any of our potential clients to get loans for our Video DriveBy System, which has in turn, […]

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Landscaping Revisited - 15 Jun 2008

Well… yesterday we redid our walkway that we paid Landscape Remedies to do, that we were unhappy with.  We returned all of the flagstone rock to Stone Plus and swapped it out for bigger pieces.  Sore as hell today. Went to balance my checkbook this morning and noticed an unapproved charge from Landscape Remedies for […]

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