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‘Play fur’ - 16 Jul 2011

Some people think dogs are dumb, and don’t know many things. I beg to differ. Our two youngest dogs, Samantha and Roxie, are well aware of what the different clothing we wear means. They know when Lori puts on her khakis or jeans and a polo that she is going to work. Then know that […]

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Where’s the Fiber? - 10 Jul 2011

Over the last few weeks, a very disturbing pattern has come about with Nikki ( our oldest dog, at 13 years ) during the night. Nikki sleeps in my bed, she has done so for the last 8 years or so. I have a california king bed, which I get approximately 1ft of the end […]

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Thundershirt Arrived! - 02 Jul 2011

Roxie received her new Thundershirt today. We will be trying it out this weekend during the fireworks to see if it helps any. She is just as scared of them as she is of thunderstorms.

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Rain rain go away, or at least stop freaking the dog out! - 24 Jun 2011

Roxie has become defective over the last year. When we adopted her, she wasn’t scared of thunderstorms, however over the last nine months she has developed an irrational fear of them … to the point that … yes … the dog is on Xanax. It’s a bit ridiculous. Two drops of rain will fall outside, […]

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Shooter … - 11 May 2009

Shooter Zieler 2/23/00 – 5/10-09 …. Shooter, a.k.a. Shooter Scooter Man, ended his battle with cancer tonight. He let us know it was time, and Lori, myself, his grandma and grandpa, and Aunt Pam were all with him when he left us to go over the rainbow bridge to go chase wild turkeys, ducks and […]

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Update on the Pups - 09 Sep 2008

Over the last two weeks, all of the pups have had their yearly exams. Thought I’d give my family an update on them. Nikki is about 10 years old now ( we think ) and hanging in there quite well … weighing in at 77lbs. She ( as well as Sahara ) get monthly Adequan […]

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Great Products for Dog Owners - 26 Jul 2007

I usually don’t post things like this on my blog, but we’ve come across two things over the last six months that have been great for our dogs. 1. Adequan injections for arthritis. Two of our dogs are older, and were having a lot of arthritis problems. Sahara our lab woud swim for a half […]

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Update on the pups… - 24 Jul 2007

Well… during the dog days of summer… the dogs tend to be really bummed out…. because it’s too hot out to do much.  We did have a cool snap last night though, it was only 81 degrees, compared to the usual 95 degrees at 8pm.  We took the dogs for a walk, and much to […]

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Taking the dogs out of the wild. - 06 Jul 2007

Some days, when I’m home at nite, and the dogs are all laying around sleeping, I feel guilty. I feel guilty that they are not out running around enjoying nature. But then I look at them, all well fed, happy, with their feet up the in air, snoring on their backs, and smile. Even though […]

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