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Tank Lighting Woes… - 23 Jul 2007

One of my Coralife MH bulbs went out in my tank a few weeks ago, and my LFS ( ) offered to warranty it out for me, as it was only about 6 months old.  Got the new one last week, and it’s a completely different color spectrum.  Instead of a blue hue, it […]

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Aquascaping - 01 Jul 2007

Well.. I had every intention of re-aquascaping my entire tank today. I filled up two five gallon buckets with water, and removed all loose corals from the tank. I then began working on the left hand side of the tank, moving rock, then proceeding to try and pile it up to cover the overflow. After […]

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New fish. - 27 Jun 2007

Picked up a lyretail anthias this weekend:

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Fish Overboard! - 27 Jun 2007

Due to recent events (my green spotted puffer jumping into my overflow) I decided to create a screen to lay over the top of my fish tank. Even though I have a canopy, fish could still jump into the overflow, or out of the back of the tank onto the floor. To construct this, all […]

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