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Optimizing jQuery event listeners - 28 Jun 2012

Last year, my development team was given a large project to implement in a short amount of time. We hadn’t previously been allowed to use jQuery at work ( not sure why, jQuery is great ), but were given the go ahead on this project. Since some of the team was unfamiliar w/ jQuery, they […]

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jQuery is making my life easier! - 17 Aug 2011

I’ve been working at MapQuest for about 2.5 years now on the primary website. On that site we don’t use jQuery or Prototype, we roll everything from scratch. For the last two weeks I’ve been a new project which I can’t really go into details about at the moment. On this new project, we are […]

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Mapquest 360 View, and my role in it - 15 Dec 2009

Well, it’s been many months since I’ve posted regularly, and it was because I’ve been under NDA, and unable to disclose what I’ve been working on. For the last 8 months, I have been working as the primary Front End User Interface Developer on Mapquest’s 360 View as a contractor through Tek Systems. Read more […]

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I just finished re-vamping for a friend of mine.  It’s a great organization that helps disabled children and their families.  Check out their site if you live in Jacksonville, and see if there is anything on their wish list you might have laying around that you don’t need.  Also.. if you notice any typos […]

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My first check from Apple - 26 Feb 2009

I received my first check from Apple for my iPhone App PMSTracker …. wasn’t for too much… but that’s OK!  Apparently they just did their year end account close out for people that didn’t meet the minimum $250 back in December…. and since I didn’t start selling until November… I fit into that category.  I’m […]

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My first iPhone App – PMSTracker - 07 Nov 2008

I’m sending out this plug for my very first iPhone/iPod Touch app… in the hopes that you will spread the word.. as most iPhone apps do their best advertising by word of mouth.  So what is my iPhone App called.. and what does it do.. you are asking? My iPhone app is called ‘PMSTracker’ … […]

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Flex SDK - 25 Oct 2008

I decided this week that I needed to learn Flex.  I’ve done some Flash over the last few months, and had done some a couple years ago, and always hated all of the time line crap they have in there.  I have to say that I really enjoyed my first Flex project.  I couldn’t find […]

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iPhone Development - 15 Oct 2008

I’ve been learning Objective C this past week, and have downloaded the iPhone SDK and development tools.  I have to say, that compared to the last few languages I’ve worked with, I’m finding the syntax for Objective C rather odd, but not anything too difficult to figure out. I’ve been rather impressed with XCode  and […]

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For Hire - 13 Oct 2008

I’m looking for a new job, so if you know anyone looking for a good OOP/LAMP ( with Python )/JAVA/.NET/Flash CS3 developer, feel free to drop me a line.

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My resume - 19 Sep 2008

I’ve updated my resume… feel free to take a look here,  and if you’d like a PDF vesion, email me at carole dot zieler at gmail dot com.

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