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Openlayers - 15 Jul 2008

I’ve been using Openlayers for the last couple of weeks for some tools at work. It’s a pretty nice JavaScript library. I’ve only run into a few glitches so far that weren’t simply a case of user error, and the folks on the mailing list were quick to help and point out the problems. I […]

Read Full Post » gets two thumbs up - 05 Feb 2008

I work from home most days, however over the last month I’ve had to go into the office for a lot of meetings.  I was getting really annoyed by the glare from the overhead lights on my laptop screen, and started researching ways to get rid of it. My boss doesn’t really like us to […]

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Dynamic Forms with Javascript - 23 Oct 2007

I’ve had a few people ask me how to do this… so I figured I’d post my sample in case it helps anyone else. Even though I like using Django’s templates and FormManipulators, I sometimes have a case where I need to allow a user to add 1-N number of items…. whether it be multiple […]

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What Makes A Great Developer? - 10 Aug 2007

I find the logic that some companies use to determine if a software developer will fit their needs or not rather surprising. I recently inquired about a small contract job, as it sounded interesting.  The project required using Java with Hibernate.  When the company asked me if I had experience with this, I replied that […]

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Permissions based menu - 28 Jul 2007

So you want to have a dynamic menu, based on who is logged in, and what they are allowed to do. How do you acheive this? Let me preface this by saying, that this sample is not using the Django admin system, as we had a legacy database with our own security system built in, […]

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ReportLab Charts - 28 Jul 2007

There was minimal sample code on the wiki page for generating reportlab charts via Django.  I’ve just added sample code there for generating Line Charts, in addition to the already given Bar Chart sample. If anyone is interested in a Pie or Scatter chart sample, let me know and I’ll add that to the wiki […]

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Javascript Image Slideshows - 19 Jul 2007

Well.. I’m doing a website soon in exchange for a free sprinkler system installed in my yard.  I wanted to put a nice javascript filmstrip type slideshow  on the site, but I don’t see any online doing exactly what I’d like… so I’m going to take one from and hack around on it, and […]

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Breaking compatibility.. - 14 Jul 2007

It makes no sense to me whatsoever, that Django ( an open source Python web framework ) is going the path of Microsoft, and purposely breaking backwards compatibility in their next release. The project developers plan to completely remove their current web form framework, because “we don’t want to have to support it”. They’ve had […]

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I’m on Listamatic!! - 27 Jun 2007

I did this for a site at work, and thought I’d make it public. This is a Horizontal CSS menu based on Nick Rigby’s CSS for a Horizontal Menu. The difference? This menu looks like tabs on the top rather than his original which was just a bar. Standalone Sample Listamatic has added a link […]

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Modifying .delete() in models. - 24 Jun 2007

Some days I really love Django. We are getting really close to a product release on my current project…. and some last minute gotchas have come up. After having a ton of stuff done and working for months, and ready for testing, the requirement was given to me that we can not actually allow users […]

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