University of Central Florida, Orlando Florida.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. May 1997.


7.1.09 – present
Working on consume facing website, iOS and Android apps, utilizing .NET, PhoneGap, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, AJAX, Eclipse, JQuery, and JQuery Mobile.
4.1.09 – 5.1.13
Senior Front End User Interface Engineer:

Member of the front end development team for the MapQuest website, utilizing JavaScript, Java, CSS, HTML, AJAX, Eclipse, JUnit, JQuery, and some Python.

  • Worked on the front end team to completely re-brand the website.
  • Wrote selenium tests for functionality acceptance and bug fixes for various features on the website.
  • Worked on the front end team to incorporate various other features such as Send to Ford Sync, Transit Routing User Interface, Gas Prices, and many more items.

TekSystems – contracted to
4.1.09 – present
Senior Front End User Interface Engineer:
Primary front end developer on the 360 View project. Integrated 360 View into the existing site.

Visre Inc.
2.1.05 – 2.1.09
Senior Software Engineer:
Working individually, as well as in a team environment to prototype and develop the framework for multiple Real Estate/Mortgage Lending/Property Investment web applications utilizing LAMP ( with Python ) development.

  • Primary engineer responsible for designing Mortgage Lending/Pooling web application using Python, Django ( Multi-DB Branch ) and MySQL. Oversaw the technical direction, scheduling, and feature decisions.
  • Primary engineer responsible for designing, implementing, and documenting Visre’s Current Subject Imagery web application/XMLRPC server using Python, Django 0.96 and MySQL.
  • Worked in a team of engineers to design and implement Visre’s on-demand parcel image processing, indexing, and retrieval system for the Real Estate Industry.
  • Responsible for Video Drive By ( v3 ) and TrueShotViewer Flash CS3 applications.
  • Responsible for multiple in-house HTML/AJAX/JavaScript/CSS/DHTML web applications used for unit testing, prototypes, demonstrations, etc. These websites used various libraries, including but not limited to: OpenLayers, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Prototype and ReportLab,
  • Responsible for the company’s in-house inventory management system.
  • Responsible for maintaining the Visre Developer API website.

5.10.99 – 1.31.05
Programmer/ Systems Analyst:
Working individually, as well as in a team environment, to design, develop, and maintain applications using Java, ASP.NET, C# , Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Basic 6.0.

  • Worked in a team of engineers on PayStyler, a proprietary forms design package, written in Java ( using SWING ) to implement various areas of the user interface and back-end processing.
  • Sole developer on a Java Enterprise Application port of a .NET payroll
  • processing application. This application used several open-source projects including:
  • Jetty, Castor, Xerces, Log4j.
  • Worked in a team of engineers on Secure32, the company’s legacy payroll application, written in Visual C++ and Visual Basic.

Synergistic Systems
2.1.98 – 5.1.99
Programmer/ Systems Analyst:
Developed and maintained ODBC database applications using Visual C++ 5.0, Visual C++ 6.0, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and some Fox Pro.

5.15.97 – 2.1.98
Visual C++, ODBC, Turbo C, and Pascal.

Programming Languages:

I have been working for the last 3.5 years as a LAMP developer on several real estate investment websites. Our latest projects utilize the
Django MVC Python Web Application Framework, which I have been using since November of ’06. I am also familiar with many other Python libraries such as MySQLDB, pyweblib, xmlrpclib, and ReportLab to name a few.

I have approximately 4 years of experience with Java. At my previous employer, I spent a
year as the sole developer on a Java Enterprise Application port of a .NET payroll
processing application. This application used several open-source projects including:
Jetty, Castor, Xerces, Log4j. In the years before this project, I worked in a team
environment developing a sophisticated forms creation tool using Java with SWING.

ActionScript 3.0:
I have experience with Flash CS3 and ActionScript3.0.

I have two years experience working with these languages at my last employer.

Visual C++ and Visual Basic:
I have over 7yrs experience with both of these languages.

HTML (with CSS), DHTML, C, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript:
I have over 12yrs experience with all of these languages.

Other Relavant Experience:

Windows 95,98,2000,XP
Proficient in all areas of the Windows operating system.

I have experience in the Debian GNU/Linux environment. I am currently able to complete
the functions needed to create/maintain web applications, such as apt-get installing
Debian packages, and modifying the Apache configuration files.

SQL Server, MySQL, Flash MX 2004, JBuilder, Photoshop.