Pool party!

We were nominated by our friends to throw a pool party yesterday. I think everyone had a great time, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired! I started cooking on Thursday for all the food we were going to have and spent most of Saturday cleaning the house. Lori spent all Saturday doing yard work outside so that the yard/pool would be presentable.

We had deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket, asparagus in a blanket, veggies and hummus, pepperoni & artichoke dip w/ crackers, sausage and cheese dip w/ tostitos, burgers, italian sausage and peppers, chicken, and hot dogs for the kids. I think everyone left stuffed!

I was also happy that Publix finally started carrying Bold City Brewery beer and I was able to pickup some Killer Whale Cream Ale to have during the party!

Thundershirt Arrived!

Roxie in her new thundershirt.

Roxie in her new thundershirt.

Roxie received her new Thundershirt today. We will be trying it out this weekend during the fireworks to see if it helps any. She is just as scared of them as she is of thunderstorms.

Today has sucked on a multitude of levels.

  • It’s my mom’s birthday. I miss her. It sucks that I can’t call her, I wish she was still here, but am glad she isn’t suffering anymore.
  • Woke up to sugar ants in my my spice cabinet, and had to throw out about $50-$75 worth of stuff.
  • Bad mojo occurring at work
  • It’s been raining so hard for the last hour that the pool got full, and I had to go stand in the pouring rain and get soaked while getting it to backwash.

I’m ready for today to be over… and hope tomorrow will be better.

Last night I went to the 2011 Jacksonville Beer Fest with Lori and Leann. Folio weekly started doing this a few years back. We went the first year, and haven’t been able to make it since. They had a ton of different vendors and about 130 beers to sample, including imports. The event seemed to go pretty well, but they need to take some pointers from the Wine Festival held at Five Points every year.

Things that could be done to improve the beer fest:

  1. Hand out a bag to each person that contains a product list and vendor for each beer present at the event and a pen. This has two purposes. It gives us somewhere to put the swag that the vendors are handing out, and it gives us a way to circle the beers we liked.
  2. Sprinkle the food vendors inside the area that the beer vendors are at. Having to walk to the outer edge of the auditorium for some snacks is a pain in the ass.
  3. Tell the vendors to bring more. Some of the food vendors ran out of food 30 minutes into the event. WTF?

Now, we found a few new good beers that we’ll be looking for locally ( since they didn’t give us a list of where can buy them we’ll have to hunt ):

I was a little disappointed that Brewer’s Pizza wasn’t there, as they’ve just started brewing their own beer. After the beer festival, we decided we needed to get, you guessed it, more beer! We headed to Engine 15 Brewing Company and tried a few of the new beers they had in such as Jahva Coffee Stout ( if you like Guinness, I highly recommend this ) and Blackthorn Dry Cider. Engine 15 is pretty cool. They have a great atmosphere, and a nice little selection of food that goes well with beer. We opted for chips and queso, and lil’ smokies wrapped in crescent dough since we’d already snacked at the beer fest. They also have a nice selection of brats and sandwiches on the menu!

Roxie has become defective over the last year. When we adopted her, she wasn’t scared of thunderstorms, however over the last nine months she has developed an irrational fear of them … to the point that … yes … the dog is on Xanax.

It’s a bit ridiculous. Two drops of rain will fall outside, and then we get tons of thunder ( something that happens almost every day all summer long in Florida ), and then it might clear up, or it could rain for hours, but it doesn’t matter. Either way, the dog has turned into a quivering, panting, excited mess hiding behind the recliner. Has she ever been hurt by a thunderstorm? Not to my knowledge.

I now spend part of my day watching the forecast on weather.com to see if I need to sneak the dog a Xanax so she will be medicated before she realizes it’s thundering outside. I feel guilty leaving her in the house if it’s going to storm and we have plans. She runs to the door with me, shivering, and looking at me like I’m the most horrible person in the world for leaving her, silently sending me the message with her eyes ‘how dare you leave me here when the sky might be falling on me!’.

I saw on the news yesterday, and my sister has also mentioned to me, that they make a thunder shirt for dogs that’s supposed to help them with this fear. I’m ordering one today, and crossing my fingers it will help her. I’ll post a review of the outcome when we try it!

Posting again ….

I’ve been inspired to start using my blog again after reading Twinism’s blog ( written by a girl I went to high school with ). Her blog was hilarious, and it reminded me that it can be fun to blog sometimes, so after today, I’m going to make an effort to start posting here again!

Well, it’s been many months since I’ve posted regularly, and it was because I’ve been under NDA, and unable to disclose what I’ve been working on.

For the last 8 months, I have been working as the primary Front End User Interface Developer on Mapquest’s 360 View as a contractor through Tek Systems. Read more about it here .

It’s been a blast… I have to say that Mapquest is a great place to work. They follow agile programming methodologies, which has been very refreshing compared to the “let’s throw a handful of items at the wall and see what sticks” methodology at my previous job.

Working on 360 View has been very exciting, and I am proud to say that I have been a part of it. I hope that this is the beginning of a long relationship with Mapquest!

Site transfer

Pardon the mess while I clean up after transferring to a new hosting service.  I’ll try to get all my old posts back up on here soon.

Just transferred to justhost for hosting, as my host gator account has been hacked 3 times, and I believe the security hole was on their end!

Shooter …

Shooter Zieler 2/23/00 – 5/10-09 …. Shooter, a.k.a. Shooter Scooter Man, ended his battle with cancer tonight. He let us know it was time, and Lori, myself, his grandma and grandpa, and Aunt Pam were all with him when he left us to go over the rainbow bridge to go chase wild turkeys, ducks and squirrels. He was a faithful companion, and was loved dearly, and will be missed for years to come.

I have created a memorial site for Shooter at: http://www.shooterscooterman.com

My grandmother passed away in her late thirties due to complications from breast cancer. I never met her, it was before I was born.

My mother had breast cancer in her late 30’s, and had a mastectomy, and then went into a full remission.

My sister Renee died about 9 years ago, from lung cancer which spread to her brain, after fighting it and suffering for years.

My sister Char had cervical cancer and is thankfully in remission.

My mother now has stage 4 renal cancer that has spread to her bones, and is on medicine to keep it at bay, which has horrible side effects, and makes her miserable for at least one week every 6 weeks, if not more. She is fighting a good fight and staying positive.

Now…the vet is pretty sure my little pup Shooter ( well he is 9 ..but he is my baby ) … has aggressive lung cancer. We will get a prognosis tomorrow.

Cancer really sucks…and I’m sick and tired of it attacking my family.

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