A few friends asked for an update on my mom… so I thought I’d post it here.  My mom got her latest results from her PET scan last week… two of her tumors ( arm and tail bone ) stayed the same size … but the one in her skull grew slightly… and is pressing on some nerve endings.  This is causing her to have some pretty bad days, as it’s causing a throbbing in her head, to the point she can’t lay on that part of her head, and makes it difficult to sleep.  She’s also having some problems with her sciatic nerve that aren’t helping matters much.

Mom continues to have a positive outlook every day, although the cancer meds ( as well as the meds for the side effects of the cancer meds ) can be pretty draining,  and have a lot of crappy side effects.  She’ll be coming up here in a couple of weeks and staying with me for a week, before she goes to stay with Char in Indiana…. I’m looking forward to having her here for the week!

Please send positive thoughts her way … she can always use them… and thanks to every one that has inquired about her.


I just finished re-vamping angelwoodjax.org for a friend of mine.  It’s a great organization that helps disabled children and their families.  Check out their site if you live in Jacksonville, and see if there is anything on their wish list you might have laying around that you don’t need.  Also.. if you notice any typos on the site.. feel free to drop me a note about them.

I received my first check from Apple for my iPhone App PMSTracker …. wasn’t for too much… but that’s OK!  Apparently they just did their year end account close out for people that didn’t meet the minimum $250 back in December…. and since I didn’t start selling until November… I fit into that category.  I’m hoping that by April I sell enough new apps to get another check!

We tried a new local pizzaria … Asbury Pizza.  Their pizza is New York Style and very good.  We also tried their wings with the house sauce.  These reminded me of Hooters wings… they were lightly breaded with a sweet/sour honey sauce on them.  We will definitely get them again.  The only complaint I have is that they don’t give you any ranch dressing with your wings… just have to make sure you have some on hand!


I’m helping my sister put together a site for her antique shop up in Franklin Indiana .. it’s at http://acertaincharm.net  Nothing too fancy, it isn’t a tech site after all.  If anyone notices any problems with it, please feel free to let me know.

We just returned from dinner at La Nolapolera in Fleming Island.  I was feeling adventurous tonight and decided to try something other than what I usually get ( the Platillo Del Mar … fish and shrimp ).

I tried the Pork Carnitas … and I have to say they were fantastic.  I think I’ve found my new favorite.  They are served with two flour tortillas, which I didn’t even use, a salad with cilantro in it, and beans.  I highly recommend them to anyone going there.

I’ve been meaning to post about this new restaurant, Top of the Reef, we found when my mom was visiting.  It is located in Green Cove Springs on Walnut Street.   It’s a small restaurant, sort of a hole in the wall, with really good food.

When we ate there, I had the steamed and raw oysters, and they were great.  Lately, everywhere you go, you get tiny oysters that don’t seem worth the money, but the ones I had here were all good sized.  My mom had the crab cakes and said they were fantastic.  The prices were very reasonable too.  Three of us ate there and our bill was under $40.

If you’re in the Green Cove Springs area .. check it out.

I’m sending out this plug for my very first iPhone/iPod Touch app… in the
hopes that you will spread the word.. as most iPhone apps do their best
advertising by word of mouth.  So what is my iPhone App called.. and what
does it do.. you are asking?

My iPhone app is called ‘PMSTracker’ … and it does just what you would
think 😉 It allows you to enter the name of each female person in your
life.. and the date you last noticed they had PMS.  Then from that point
forward, you can click the app, and you will see a list with each woman’s
name, and a Green/Orange/Red dot next to it indicating No PMS/May Have
PMS/Most Likely Has PMS.  So for example … the next time you’re thinking
about staying out late .. and you think it might tick off your
wife/mother/girlfriend.. you can check your PMSTracker to see if they have
PMS on that day.. and gauge if it’s worth the risk!

The calculations are done based on the standard 28 day cycle, and the app
allows you to edit the last known date of PMS for a woman… in case you
notice that it needs to be adjusted for variations.

Flex SDK

I decided this week that I needed to learn Flex.  I’ve done some Flash over the last few months, and had done some a couple years ago, and always hated all of the time line crap they have in there.  I have to say that I really enjoyed my first Flex project.  I couldn’t find any good tutorials that I liked, so I decided for my first project to just port a Flash image gallery I had done over to Flex.

I downloaded Flash Develop to use as my IDE ( anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t like to pay for software if there is a free option out there ).  It didn’t take long to port the Flash app over at all.  I found that laying out the UI using mxml was very straightforward … and including some components I had been using in Flash was much more straight forward than it ever was in Flash.

For any hard-core programmers that have been struggling with time-lines in Flash .. I highly recommend checking out Flex.  For those of us that are more code oriented … it’s much more intuitive … imho.

Well it’s been an odd couple of weeks.  My employer of 10 years is putting the company in a holding pattern for now… since we create tools for the Real Estate industry … it has been hard for any of our potential clients to get loans for our Video DriveBy System, which has in turn, thrown the company for a loop.  In the meantime … I’ve been picking up freelance work on the side.  I’ve started a few small projects with various people, as well as a personal side project, which I’m hoping will become profitable.  Needless to say, this has been a stressful couple of weeks, with the uncertainty of my income playing a major role in it.

We had a few other bad things happen this month… our septic tank filled up… and started backing up into the house two weeks ago ( yuck! ) … and we had to fork out over $300 to get it pumped and the lines cleared back out … that was fun.  Then about the same time, Samantha ( our youngest pup ) developed a rash all over and was itching constantly.  She had been having problems with her feet, which I think turned into a full on rash.  She is now on antibiotics and Prednisone.  We’ve swapped her to grain free food in the hopes that it was a food allergy that will be gone when the meds are finished.

One bit of good news is that Lori has a new employer.  She has been hired to open an Jacksonville terminal for a company which has been in NJ for twenty years.  She is up in NJ today getting training on their computer systems…. and will be back tomorrow around midnight … which means I get to have Sahara mope around the house for two days looking for her…

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